Custom Compounding

Beaumont Pharmacy specializes in custom compounding. Compounded medication is prepared when prescribed by a physician, like a regular prescription, and offers several distinct advantages over mass-produced bottled products.

Here are some ways compounded medication can be beneficial:

Elimination of possible allergens, fillers, binders, and dyes.
Giving more options for dosage forms such as liquids, creams, etc.
Providing personalized dosages.
Reducing the number of capsules needed daily.
Many physicians regularly prescribe individualized compound medication. OB/GYNs, family care doctors, allergists, pediatricians, and dermatologists are a few of them. Beaumont Pharmacy works with local Veterinarians to form custom compounds for their pet patients.

Beaumont Pharmacy is unique in many ways. Call and speak with a member of our staff to learn more: 205-991-7171

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